The British Virgin Islands (BVIs)  offer the most charter yacht experiences than any area of the Caribbean. The BVI’s are actually a chain of almost 60 islands that offer smooth sailing along calm turquoise waters. Tortola is the capital and most crewed yacht charters originate here.

The British Virgin Islands offer crystal blue water for world class snorkeling, amazing scuba diving sites, calm waters for delightful easy day sails and spectacular scenery throughout the island chain. The popularity of the BVI’s as a yacht charter destination is due to the short sailing time between the islands, making a multiple island stops a possibility within one day. Groups of islands line either side of the Sir Francis Drake Channel making most day sails along a protected calm sailing area. Unlike other Caribbean islands, the BVI’s have less exposed sailing making it a great first time charter destination.

trunkbeach2009.jpgEach island in the BVI offers an enticing destination with plenty of spots for exploration and unique coves full of vibrant marine life. Some islands in the chain are uninhabited making this vacation a true exploration. Some of the popular islands in the BVI chain include Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. Virgin Gorda is the home of the glorious “Baths” a collection of grottoes and secluded pools along a breathtaking hiking trail. Jost Van Dyke is where beach bars abound. Fun is the operative word here and no visit to the BVI’s is complete without a stop at Foxy’s world famous beach bar or the Soggy Dollar Bar, originator of the incredible “Painkiller” drink. Anegada is the legendary lobster haven. Imagine catching fresh lobster and then having your personal chef cook it up for your dinner……absolutely delicious. The protected reef off this island also makes this a hot spot for an unbelievable snorkel experience.

The weather of the British Virgin Islands make it a perfect vacation spot. The average temperature ranges from 75 degrees to 85 degrees F. The steady trade winds keep the humidity low. The main charter season runs from November to the end of June, although the other months have picked up in popularity as low rainfall and the absence of any sizeable tropical storm in the last decade have made it a year round destination for charter boats.

DIVING in the British Virgin Islands is amazing.  With dives not exceeding 95 feet, this is a great diving destination for novice divers as well as experienced divers who will find some incredible wreck dives to penetrate.  Sea turtles and fish are in abundance while we have had many dives with reef sharks too.  This is a winning combination in planning your dive vacation and the BVI’s has it all!  Many of the yachts we work with in the BVI’s have compressors on board and your crew is your dive master.  This allows you to dive directly from your yacht when accessible and unlike traditional live a boards, you can plan your diving around your schedule and with the people you want to dive with!